Meet GROW’s coordinators

Here you can get to know more about our coordinators in GROW.

Meet GROW coordinator Mette Schriver Billenstein

Coming in at only 160 cm, Mette is always grounded. She is thoughtful, curious, and optimistic and she is driven by watching people grow and develop. For most of her working life she has worked with B2C companies. Most recently as an independent consultant specialising in user involvement, co-creation and qualitative customer surveys. Mette always works by focusing on how products and services create value, and who they create value for. 

Mette also teaches design thinking and innovation and entrepreneurship at the Academy.

Mette Billenstein Schriver

Mette Schriver Billenstein, GROW coordinator

In GROW, Mette is interested in the personal development of being an entrepreneur and how this experience can be used actively in the individual’s reflection about creating a good working life.

Meet GROW's coordinator Søren Griepentrog

Prior to joining the Academy, Søren had roles in the service and experience industry, including the establishment of a sports concept in Aarhus, and as a project employee at BKI Kaffe.

In addition to a coordinator role in GROW, Søren also manages projects concerning our study environment (social offers outside of classes) as well as the Academy’s mentoring programme. 

Søren Griepentrog

Søren Griepentrog, GROW's coordinator

With his towering 190 cm, Søren has an overview of the office community. He manages administrative tasks, communication, and the coordination of events. He is usually the guy that responds when you contact

‘For most of my working life, I have held positions with high demands for self-management and decisiveness - today you would probably call it “intrapreneurship”. I have also tried and failed to become self-employed, as I did not manage to reconcile my then life situation with the project. These are some of the experiences I would like to pass on to the members of GROW, where I enjoy providing sparring on the challenges that students face along the way’.

Søren Griepentrog, GROW's coordinator