It’s great to see the students in GROW

Meet GROWs Coordinator Pernille Løve Kongensgaard

‘I really get excited when someone says: we have considered starting our own company. And then I absolutely have to get involved. And that is exactly why is it great to be allowed to be with the students in GROW’. Explains Pernille about her role as coordinator.

From self-employed to GROW

Pernille is employed at Business Academy Aarhus. In addition to her coordinator role in GROW, she teaches marketing, project management, innovation and entrepreneurship.

Before Pernille came to the Academy, she had her own consultancy, where she, among other things, coached unemployed people who wanted to start their own companies. She has also been an entrepreneurial advisor and business consultant in Odder municipality, where she gave more than 200 companies and start-ups input for development.

‘My own background obvioulsy means I have a lot of experience and an extensive network in this area. I can use this when I provide guidance to the students.’

Extra sparring and help

As a coordinator, Pernille is regularly in contact with the student’s incubator. And as a member, you’ll benefit from all of Pernille’s knowledge.

‘I’ll gladly spar on the get-started part - in other words how to change an idea into a company. And since I am merely an advisor, I can also ask critical and stupid questions.’

Pernille has previously worked extensively with personal profiles. Therefore, she can also help make the company’s strengths and challenges visible – and help connect the two into something positive.

‘I don’t have all the answers.  But I have an extensive network, so I can often refer to others who can answer.’

Good advice: get out of your own house

Pernille’s best advice for students who want to start their own company is: get out of your own house.

‘If you want appear professional, it’s a really good idea to move away from your own house.

To get sparring from others and expand one’s network are two things that Pernille highlights that you will get from being in an office community. She also says that you force yourself to be more involved when you are away from home. 

And that is why GROW is a great offer for all students who want to start their own companies.

‘I usually ask those who say that they cannot afford to move out: can you afford not to?’