Internship in own company?

Use your study time on your own company – get guidance here.

As a student at Business Academy Aarhus, you can do your internship in your own company. Over the six months of your internship, you can either work to establish your own company or you can work to develop an already existing company. The official programme in GROW runs from January to April as well as from August to November.

What does it mean to be part of GROW during your internship?

If you get a place in GROW, you will be part of an office community of like-minded entrepreneurs, with opportunities for development both personally and for your company.

Engagement and active participation are a necessity for you to benefit from your internship, as well as being crucial to the dynamics of the whole group.

During the internship, GROW coordinators facilitate at least one weekly activity, with mandatory participation.

Activities, can include the following:

  • ‘The Entrepreneur and Me’ – workshop series
  • Professional sparring with accountants and lawyers
  • Knowledge sharing from one entrepreneur to another
  • Out of house – visits to other Aarhus office communities 

Get Office space in GROW during your internship

When you do your internship in your own company, you can get free office space in GROW’s office community at Sønderhøj in Viby J.