– a planning tool designed to provide an overview and structure for work

In autumn 2016, Malthe Petersen and Peter Rytter, who are both studying Multimedia Design at Business Academy, participated in the competition Student Geek Challenge. They were award a third place in this very competitive arena and therefore won a student job at Novicell, which was part of the prize.

A second and more lasting prize, however, was that Malthe and Peter were inspired to start their own company. They decided that the greatest market potential lay in an idea for being able to plan your time better, as for most people – time is always a scarce resource!

Shortly afterwards the company Intrace was a reality. Malthe and Peter are now working hard to help students, entrepreneurs and companies get more control of their planning and therefore, utilise their time best.  Peter experiences similar problems in his own everyday life:

‘As a student, it can be challenging to juggle several different tasks, when at the same time; you need to maintain a good overview. So we started to develop a tool that could help each person by providing a better overview in everyday life,’ he says.

Peace, when one reaches the day’s tasks

The actual product, Intrace, is described by the developers as a planning tool to help the user plan their precious time, in the best possible way, by using tools such as Scrum, to-do lists, notes and projects for personal tasks and group work.

According to Peter, many people need to organise their everyday life, so that they not only get an overview, but they also get peace and quiet when the user realises that they have completed the day’s tasks.

‘The idea behind Intrace is really very simple. Get an overview of your everyday life, so there is time for you to work effectively, but also so there is time to let go and enjoy the rest of the day, when all your work is done’, says Peter.

Passion is what drives them

As their idea grew, the two masterminds did their internships in their own company so that they could focus exclusively on the idea. They both admit that it is even more fun going to work each day, when work is something that you are passionate about.

Although a regular working day for the two young entrepreneurs can easily start at 8.00 and not end until 18.00, the passion they have for their company means that they happily get up each morning.

They also highlight the fact that their educational programme has helped them on their way. During the 4th semester of the Multimedia Designer programme, a compulsory internship allows students to test the knowledge they have acquired over the previous 3 semesters. But elbow grease and a strong-will is still crucial:

‘Many of the things we learnt at our programme are very useful when it comes to SEO, coding and design. But you must also count on investing many hours into getting better’, says Malthe.