CREATE – make your own prototypes

With office space in GROW, you get access to our makers lab, CREATE.

When you start making prototypes, or need to develop ideas etc., then you can use all our various tools to create prototypes. 

Our makers lab CREATE enables you to do:

  • 3D printing
  • Virtual Reality
  • Foil cutting
  • Smaller prototypes consisting of electronics, hardware and software
  • and use assorted cardboard, paper, tape and glue for example.

You will find CREATE at Sønderhøj 30, above the canteen in the student facilitiy section next to the library. You can always ask our talented student interns in CREATE.

When using 3D printing, be aware that you must take an active part in creating your prototype. The students in CREATE will support you in the process.

Jonas Wehding

Questions or specific guidance about CREATE?

Jonas Wehding

Teaching Assistant


Phone: +45 7228 6385