Activity calendar for GROW Community

As a member of the GROW Community you can participate (absolutely free) in a variety of learning activities – all of which aim to strengthen your skills and abilities to work with entrepreneurship and bring about change.

All the activities are gathered on this site. The list will be updated continuously.

You must register for the activities you want to attend. There will be a sign-up link for every activity, so you can do this before anyone else.

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Events in Danish are described in Danish. English events are described in English.

Register for presentations, seminars or workshops

GROW Community provides three types of events:

  • Presentations which is typically a single lecture, event or similar, where you can learn from an expert in a specific area
  • Courses are 20 hours, including preparation, which run for one or several days. You must attend all days to receive your diploma.
  • Workshops are half-day courses with a duration of 10 hours, including preparation, where you must register for a minimum of 2 courses in order to be able to participate and receive a diploma.

When registering for an event, you automatically join the GROW Community where you continuously get the benefit of a strong network and where you will be first in line for all of Grow’s events.

There are currently no upcoming events.